The Arizona Tech Brief Series

Emerging Technologies and the Future of Jobs and Education

 Thursday, March 21, 2019, 2:00 PM

Topic: AI & Emergency Preparedness

The AZ Tech Brief is aimed to providing technological knowledge to legislators, law enforcement, political candidates, and 
decision makers in Arizona.

 If you’re a decision maker in Arizona and would like to attend, 
please contact us via [email protected] 

We’re here to provide the knowledge that our decision makers don’t have time to go seek.

Decision makers need a solid understanding of current and future technologies, and trends to make good policy, set public sector strategy, and conduct robust planning to ensure the public good.

Modern tech is a vast and rapidly changing field in which it is extremely difficult and time consuming to stay current, even when specializing in just one sub-field. By bringing experts in to share their knowledge, we can provide thorough and accurate knowledge to those who need it without their having to spend an inordinate amount of time doing their own limited research.

The AZ Tech Brief is a joint effort created by the Arizona Cyber Warfare Range, the Arizona Blockchain Initiative,  the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center, and the Urban Area Security Initiative.

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This is an invite-only event, if you are an Arizona decision maker and would like to attend please contact us at [email protected]