The Future of Arizona is Transparent

Why Arizona?


Why Now?

The current atmosphere in the state is promoting the raise of tech startups; the interest of local officials is starting to embrace decentralized technologies. Companies, organizations, and universities are also aiming their efforts towards development and education. We have a great opportunity to create the right environment so everyone in Arizona can adopt, understand, and benefit from new technologies.

Blockchain and decentralized technologies are emerging everywhere, big businesses like IBM and Microsoft -among many others, have already allocated resources to invest in new technologies, and many startups are gaining traction. AZBI will drive the conversation by educating the small business sector, and the community, thus fostering an ease of technology adoption.

The Attorney General of Arizona created a FinTech, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrencies Sandbox document -signed in March 2018, Earlier, in January 2018, the Arizona House of Representatives Commerce Committee held a special session, discussing how blockchain technology intersects with government, business and citizen interests. It is time to educate individuals; and explore the benefits that technology can bring to Arizona.