We’re building a community Mesh Network in South Phoenix!

Our pilot area will be between Broadway and Southern, from 7th Avenue to 7th Street.

Project Phoenix is a collaborative enterprise spearheaded by Arizona Blockchain Initiative in partnership with socially conscious organizations. Project Phoenix is a free internet project, utilizing decentralized mesh technology, that serves to educate and empower community members ensuring they can prosper.

Wireless Mesh Network

A mesh refers to rich interconnection among devices or nodes. Wireless mesh networks often consist of mesh clients, mesh routers and gateways. The mesh clients are often laptops, cell phones and other wireless devices while the mesh routers forward traffic to and from the gateways which may, but need not, be connected to the Internet.



Arizona Cyber Warfare Range

Community Partners

Fuerza Local/Local First Arizona

Arizona Coalition for Change

Copper City Youth Project

Girl Scouts-Arizona Cactus-Pine Council

Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Network Topology


Increase internet access to underserved communities through decentralized wireless technology.

Educate community members on the fundamentals of basic and advanced computer skills such as; basic computer literacy, computer programming, cyber security, etc. to increase the pathway to Phoenix’s growing tech industry.

Empower community members to be prepared to manage and maintain their community network to stay connected.


Increase Access to a Quality Network

  • Ensuring that members of the community, especially those that have been excluded, have access to technology as both producers and consumers
  • Promote community based economic development advancing technology for small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

Skill Development

    • Create a workforce that have been otherwise excluded from technology.
    • Provide a space so that people can work to solve the issues of their community
    • Bring to light technology, empowering members to become creators of the technology that will shape their community.

    Network Sustainability

    • Build a robust network so that every member of the community has access to the internet
    • Project Phoenix aspires to create a safe, digital environment that’s beneficial to the community while maintaining digital infrastructure and justice.


    • Project Phoenix will create a training program that will allow members to install and maintain the mesh network
    • Emphasize self governance and sustainability of the technological needs of a community
    • Ensure community partners and members decide how they will utilize the technology

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    Collaborators & Community Partners

    AZ Cyber Warfare Range
    Local First
    Fuerza Local
    AZ Coalition for Change
    Copper City Youth Project
    girl scouts cactus ine
    Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council
    AZ StRUT - Arizona Students Recycling Used Technology
    AZ Hispanic Chamber of Commerce