Developing a Technological Ecosystem

At AZBI, we see the Arizona technological ecosystem as a living network, which should be enriched by thriving small businesses, friendly regulations, and skilled communities.

The State of Arizona is bound to become a technical hub for startups and established organizations; we have great climate, we’re not prone to natural disasters, and our real estate market is vibrant. The only challenge we face is the availability of a skilled workforce, which gives us an amazing opportunity to effect change by offering resources in new technologies to young Arizonans, and adults looking to re-enter a modern job market.

Community Action

We support workforce development by partnering with socially conscious organizations, and through creating activities that will benefit the community.  We will provide the community with resources, and workshops, that will improve their relationship with technology.

Small business Action

AZBI will work with existing small businesses to further their inclusion in the Arizona technological ecosystem. We will build and maintain relationships with industry leaders, fostering a supportive environment for entrepreneurs and out-of-state investors.

 Policy Action

Integrating technology policy to the state culture will lay a foundation for long term progress. AZBI wants to educate legislators in Arizona about the importance of creating a supportive regulatory environment for business, so this state may continue to grow by attracting technological companies and startups.